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「Bur@rt ぶらっとアート」は、一部の記事を除き、編集長コバヤシマヒロが1名で取材・記事制作しているWEBサイトです。

コバヤシマヒロは 、アートをコレクション(所有)することを趣味に持つアートコレクターです。時間があれば、美術館やギャラリーに足を運び、自分の判断で作品を購入しています。





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“Bur@rt” is a web site where some editors are excluded, and editor-in-chief Mahiro Kobayashi is covering and producing articles.

Mahiro Kobayashi is an art collector whose hobby is to collect art. If I have time, I go to museums and galleries and buy my oart collections.

The collection is mainly for “contemporary art”.
One of the great attractions of contemporary art is that I can talk to artists living in the same era.

While accepting what I see with my own eyes, I am conscious of the flow of art history and I also look at details such as brush movements, but the writer himself creates what kind of environment, thoughts and thoughts Were you? Listening to the work while listening to various stories, etc., will spread the way of enjoying art that had a difficult impression at a stretch.

We operate our site “Bur@rt” with the hope of creating a media where the art fans base is expanding and the artists can be spotlighted.

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